Masport Direct Vent Technology

Innovation and leading edge design

Direct Vent models are more efficient for today's airtight homes, as they do not use room air or cause conflict with rangehoods and bathroom fans circulating the same air.

Versatile Fluing Options

If you don't have an existing fireplace and fitting a vertical flue is difficult, you can still install an 'inbuilt' Direct Vent gas fire! The unique flue system means Direct Vent fires can be installed almost anywhere without extensive renovations. This makes them perfect for all homes, apartments, offices and especially multi-storey buildings. With Direct Vent models you also have a choice of horizontal or vertical flue ducting either from the top of the fire or straight from the rear.

Enhance Room Air Quality

Direct Vent fires are fantastic because they maintain the total air quality of the room. They use air from outside the home for the combustion process rather than using room air. This means greater efficiency and comfort as the warm air stays in the room, and isn't lost outside with the exhaust gases. So high efficiency means savings on energy costs for you.